I wrote a brief article after reflecting on my behavior in this e-commerce shopping madness during the lockdown phase (WFH). The discounting festival has added more fuel to the fire. Who is winning the game?

Covid-19 has made us realize the importance of technology and its role in the entire ecosystem of business and trade. The hard-core manufacturing industries such as automobiles are exploring avenues in technology advancement for their growth plans for times to come. eCommerce, the hottest segment of the digital commerce world suddenly saw an uptick of 8–9% in retail sales penetration in the United States of…

| Investment Banking as a Career Option for Commerce Students |

Bitcoin — The Problem it is trying to address

It is overwhelming to see people from different walks of life expressing interest in understanding the crypto-currency ecosystem. The response to the post ‘Genesis of Cryptocurrency Ecosystem’ was encouraging and I hope that today’s post lives up to the expectations set by the first one. This piece discusses the issues that Bitcoin is attempting to address and why it is relevant today.

Illustration of a Bitcoin transaction:

Now, the question arises — What exactly is a Bitcoin? — Very broadly, Bitcoin is a cross-border payment network that allows you to transfer money from one country to another in a relatively…

“Double your money overnight and make your fortune” or “You are going to miss out on something big dude.” That’s how most of us got interested in the subject of Cryptocurrency and personally invested in the space.

As renowned investors say — Half knowledge is no knowledge and investing in a product that you don’t completely understand will definitely land you in trouble in the long term. …

COVID-19 has created worldwide chaos. None of us would have experienced or foreseen an event of such magnitude in the last 100 years. The unique thing about this pandemic is the velocity with which it’s spreading, causing damage — Socially and Economically.

This is an unprecedented situation and going forward the times will be uncertain The lockdowns that we see can be extended, the Telecom Infra might go on the ventilator, boredom building up within the four walls can create depression, to put it simply, life in the short term (3–4 months )is going to be tough or rather unusual — For 60+ years bracket, it’s like getting back to old school days and for millennials, it’s like going back to Stone Age Era.

Now, when I try to dig deeper into the origin of this virus — Accidental or Intentional —…

Anuj Khandelwal

| Private Equity Professional | Startup Mentor | Visiting Faculty, The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) | Global Economics & Finance Writer |

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